Quantum Omega was established in 2017 by our founder Danny Thie and since then, the company has been consistently growing organically and by its own means.

Danny Thie

Currently, Quantum Omega is a multi-million-dollar company with a growing number of employees and offices around the world.

The source of our rapid growth is our unique Quantum Culture and our Advanced Sure Step Implementation Method, which has proven time and again that efficiency and quality are two aspects that can go hand in hand. Our work style has also proven that ERP implementations can be done with less effort (for both the customer and supplier) by simplifying matters instead of overcomplicating them. In addition, we have developed a system that has achieved what many ERP projects lacked: Complete Transparency!


We are an integrated Microsoft Dynamics services provider focusing on outsourcing, implementation, development, optimization, recovery and management of Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, Azure, Power BI, Fin EX and the Power Platform.

We stand for quality and assurance first and ensure that all of our ERP projects are a testimony to that. Through our dedicated industry focus and transparent communication with our partners, we deliver results in scope and in budget, the first time around. This is not only a promise, it’s what we signed up for.

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All of our 100+ industry experts from various countries stand for commitment, honesty and transparency. Living by the Quantum Culture means that delivering on a promise does not only come naturally to us; it’s in our DNA. What separates us from our competitors, besides our unique project management method, is our no-nonsense attitude and our firm believe in: “We say what we do, and do what we say”.


Our CEO, Danny Thie, has always believed that ERP projects can be done in ways which are smarter, faster and more efficient. With this in mind he developed a Project Implementation Methodology that has proven to make a positive difference in ERP planning and implementation.

Over time, the number of customers using our Project Methodology increased and every project turned into a success. Currently, the Quantum Omega Group has over 100 employees in multiple countries, and our CEO, Danny Thie, has not changed in the slightest. Believing in working hard, you’ll still find him extensively involved in the execution of all projects, ensuring that his “Advanced Sure Step methodology” and Quantum Culture are found in every project, throughout the organization.

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